-Current client

"I would have been really struggling in this economy but now I have the processes in place to allow me to continue to grow my company."


The type of services and impact I have had are too many and varied to list but this is a representative sample. 

Business Growth
Common Issues Include Sample Results Clients Enjoy
Lack of actionable plans for growth and increasing company value Increased new customers by over 46% on one year 
No meansurement of unique key business drivers Doubled target prospect response rate within first two months
Need for new products and new markets Identified new high margin market showing profit in one year
Difficulty attracting new customers Connected marketing activities to track prospects through the sales process
Leadership & Management
Common Issues Include Sample Results Clients Enjoy
Unpredictable business results Accurately forcasting results within 6 months
Too much time spent managing and dealing with employees Employees assume management tasks giving owner 4 more hours per week
Lack of accountabliity throughout the organization Automatic department reports provided to partners
Chronically under-performing service product Repositioned service product from a profit center to a marketing expense to more accurately reflect its contribution
Efficiency Improvement
Common Issues Include Sample Results Clients Enjoy
Profit and cash flow improvement Significantly improved cash flow, within two months by improving billing and collection process
Lead-times too long    Reduced work-in-process by improving hand-off between departments producing a 20% reduction in lead-time