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Scott Jacobson, principle of Sightline Business Advisors, is a profit driven business leader motivated to make an impact.


Having worked in and with a variety of companies (Fortune 100, mid-sized, and small companies) has given me a unique perspective and skill set. Large company experience provides knowledge of a wide variety tools, methods, and processes.

Small company experience provides the ability to work quickly and efficiently with inadequate budgets and staff.


My passion for business results is shared with my motivation to help business owners, leaders, and employees create a more respectful work environment. In fact, the two go hand in hand. In a time when respect in the workplace is becoming increasingly rare, I believe, organizations that treat each other well also perform better.


Yes, I really do believe that people matter. Hidden behind many of the real, tangible results my clients have obtained, you will find a more respectful environment. But this does not happen naturally or on its own, it happens intentionally.


And I do have a couple of degrees*, some great experience, and some very significant accomplishments, but that is not why my clients hire me, and neither should you. My clients hire me because after meeting with me, they believe I can help them accomplish their goals. It is really that simple, see my guarantee.


My Team
Oh, by the way, I also know some really great people who we can call on for support, see Squeaky Things


* Masters of Business Administration, University of St. Thomas
* Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering, University of Minnesota

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