Our Team

In addition to personal experience, I regularly consult with a broad network for the benefit of my clients. 

Sqeaky Devices?


You may not need squeaky devices that go inside toys or helicopter parts, but if you do I can help. My network allows me fast access to information and insight from over 2,000 business experts around the world.

Within 24 to 48 hours I can have thoughtful, experienced insight on both common and esoteric issues such as:
• Forming a joint venture company in China
• Sourcing from India
• Representative and distributor organizations throughout the world
• Feedback from users of a specific ERP software package
• Sources of funding
• Loans of all types

 And yes sourcing the squeaky things that go into toys


Obviously if I can get answers to these questions, I can probably help you with yours. If you have a question about something that is new for your business, give me a call and I will try and get you an answer.