Hands-on Approach to Growing & Running Your Business

"I like that you actually help us get things done."

                                                                                 —Current client

"The range of help I provide clients is extensive and varied. Whether filling a temporary gap due to increased work load or cranking something out to meet a short deadline and tight budget, I help my clients get results."
                                                              —Scott Jacobson, Principal, Sightline Business Advisors


Examples Include:


Sales for a start-up medical product were well below expectations. The company needed to restart the new product introduction. 


A distributor wanted to add a complementary line of products in order to increase sales to existing customers. But the marketing budget was already depleted with other higher priority items. 


A manufacturing company needed to hire a new sales person as part of a growth plan. The owner did not want to divert the required time to interview for this critical position.


Partners in a professional services company were struggling trying to grow beyond their present roles. This was viewed as critical to the company’s future.


A growing mid-size company had become accustomed to repeated computer network failures.  With a dislike of technology and a lack of knowledge, the owner found it easier to work around the problem rather than address it. 


A consulting firm needed to improve profits, reversing a three year decline.


Hands-on Response


Interviewed physicians to determine changes and improvements needed in sales process for the new product to be successfully accepted in the market.


Created a prototype catalog for the new products that could be quickly modified and printed in-house. Developed strategy presenting new products to customers with minimal changes to sales and service. 


Wrote all documentation supporting the hiring process and prescreened applicants for owner. 



Coached partners in clarifying their role in the company’s future. Initiated and facilitated regular management meetings to bring focus to the effort.



Prescreened network technology service providers and prepared owner to interview and select one that best fit his needs. 





Developed internship program to add low cost labor during peak times. This solution fit nicely with the owner’s desire to mentor and teach.