Why Objective Advice is Essential

For some reason many small business owners struggle with the idea that they need help. For large companies it is almost fashionable to have a coach, advisor or consultant. In fact, there have been best selling business books coauthored by executives and their advisors.


Steve Jobs, Sergy Brin, Larry Page, Marc Andreessen, as well as the CEO's of Intuit, Honeywell, You Tube, the list goes on and on, all enjoy the benefit of working with an advisor. It is a much shorter list of powerful company presidents who don't use an advisor, consultant, or coach.

It is almost fashionable for the presidents of large companies to have an advisor


You, like them, need experienced outside input to support you as the leader of your business. The challenge is more how to get that input without breaking your budget and not consuming large amounts of your time.


The Struggle to Maintain Focus
If you are struggling to get time to rise above the day to day demands of your business, you are not alone. This is an issue that challenges every business owner.


If you do not have outside objective experienced voice in your business you need one. Not a friend or someone you just meet for lunch.


Owners with outside advice do better, period. If you believe that it is beneficial to see things from multiple perspectives you need experienced outside advice.

Not having outside advice guarantees you are not as effective as you can be. Facing the demands of customers, employees, vendors, and family isolates you. Your position is unique and the support you need is also unique.


You Need Help Not Flattery
For high performing results you need someone who...


1. Understands business and the role of an owner/president
2. Is knowledgeable about you and your business
3. Is willing to invest in your success


What you don't need is someone who may not say what needs to be said in order to protect your feelings.

A friend, relative or employee simply cannot give you objective advice. Working with Sightline we are not influenced by the sunk costs of past decisions nor are we motivated to tell you what we think you want to hear.


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