More than Jargon

Typical business issues like strategy, tactics, change, integrated marketing campaigns, blah, blah, blah, all sound like jargon or clichés without specific context, and the best context is your business.


During our first conversation we will talk about the issues affecting your business and some options on how to address them. It certainly doesn't happen all the time, but there have been some conversations where I have helped business owners with a breakthrough over one lunch (ask me about it).

Of course, in the end results speak for themselves, like those for one of my clients shown at left.


After one year new customers were up over 50% reversing a five year trend.


Take a look at some of the challenges and results my clients enjoy as a result of the issues we work on. Review examples of how I work hands-on with clients.


Give me a call to talk about results you would like to enjoy in your business. Nine out of 10 owners are glad they did (I know because I ask them).